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[Convicted] Paint, CoD4

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#1 Locutus


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 12:15 PM

We've suspected this guy for a few days now, he came into the server as level 1 about 2 days ago and knew where everyone was. We even saw the "owned by koncept" text spam when he killed but I didn't get the screenshot in time.

I spec'd him some today and he went from rank 1 to rank 55 in 2 days, with many weapons fully ranked.

Evidence for time screenshot was taken:
2 Days ago:

Reduced to 94% of original (640 x 480)

Reduced to 94% of original (640 x 480)


Reduced to 94% of original (640 x 480)

Convicted & Banned - Rank/weapon hack


Original thread by Locutus, moved from old site

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