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#1 Master Teal'c

Master Teal'c


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Posted 22 February 2014 - 05:56 PM

Saber Combos

This is primarily for single saber, but they work with staff and dual, but single will get the most out of what I am going to share.

Ideally, you want to always be using red stance with single saber. It causes the highest damage, and even through it is slow, combo moves are pumped out quick and using a few game mechanics to your advantage, you can turn those combos into killers.

All special moves n crap, forget. Just focus on your acrobatics and these combos. The katas (mouse+altmouse) leave you wide open for saber throws and weapons to anyone who can see you starting one.

Blue and Yellow stance have a few combos, the left right left counters mostly and other defensive swings, but the red stance has a practically limitless array of combos you can perform, but there is a set of rules for red that the others dont have.

Attached is a file which shows them. To perform them well in red, you will be making your combo moves well before you even get to the mid point of your swing. That is the most difficult part, your combo will be keyed in well before you get your 3 strikes in because the initial strike is slow, then 2 quick follows up from the combo.

To take advantage totally of red stance and its slowness as well as get the advantage over staff and the dual's speed, its good to know that the damage of the saber is controlled by saber velocity. Red stance has a lot of swings where the guy lets go and fully extends with 1 hand to get extra range as well as more rotational speed on the saber, couple that with you turning your mouse in the direction of the swing and a single 3 hit combo can instantly kill someone. This also gives you the way to deal with the slow initial swing. You do say a side swing and you turn into the swing which makes the saber appear to remain stationary for a moment, then you turn with the swing and you get what appears to be a much quicker initial swing and you get the extra velocity as well for more damage. When doing a combo with a repeated attack, the key must be let go briefly to key in the repeat, you cant just hold it.

Been screwing around with red stance in saber duels on jedi master and poor luke is getting totally rocked, lol.


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