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Posted 21 February 2014 - 01:38 PM

Rust is a survival game. It's DayZ & Minecraft put together. You can craft tools, weapons, build houses. It's currently in alpha.

Rust on Steam

Rust Website

Rust Online Map

How to get more FPS on rust:

  • Launch Rust
  • Press F1
  • Type following into console
  • grass.on False
  • grass.forceredraw False
  • grass.displacement False
  • grass.disp_trail_seconds 0
  • grass.shadowcast False
  • grass.shadowreceive False
  • gfx.ssaa False
  • gfx.bloom False
  • gfx.grain False
  • gfx.ssao False
  • gfx.shafts False
  • gfx.tonemap False
  • render.level 0.1
  • shadows.on false
  • How to coordinate with the sun
    A very simple, but good way to coordinate:
    Are you look at the sun or not is a very important thing if you want to find to your friends. You should always go in one direction.
    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west!
  • How to coordinate with the street
    Probably the most efficient way to coordinate.
    If you're at a street, go and look for "Not-Player-made-Buildings" to tell your friends where you are. (works perfect together with the online map)
  • How to coordinate with airdrops
    Its the best way to find your friends if you're nearby them:
    On a normal Rust Server with a lot of Players comes a airdrop every ingame-day. If you tell your friend from where the airdrop came (from your position), you'll have it much easier.
  • The water can help, too!
  • Water is only in the south and west edges of the map!

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