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Purchased wrong version of Flight Simulator and Microsoft refuses to help

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Posted 19 May 2023 - 04:23 PM

MS sells 3 different versions of Flight Simulator. I accidentally purchased the middle version (Deluxe) and I want the FULL (Deluxe Premium) version of the simulator. I do not want a refund, I am trying to give MS even more money. Support agents keep telling me the only option is to get a refund and then buy the correct version. Except MS refuses to issue the refund. MS also refuses to grant me store credit, and now when I call the support phone number they hang up on me.


I filed for a refund right after the purchase, I did not wait for the 30 days to run out. MS gave me the run-around for the last 8 weeks and now it has been longer than 30 days since the initial accidental purchase. Now, instead of telling me they do not issue refunds for digital goods, they tell me it is past the 30 day limit and too late to ask for a refund - even though I first contacted them immediately after purchase and have continued to contact them every week since.


There are no options to upgrade from one version to another in the marketplace, unless you want to pay full price a second time for the same product, and after reading other complaints apparently that is broken too.


I saved an email dated a few days after my purchase, an official response from a MS agent, telling me my refund was granted and that I should see my refund in my account within 5 days. The refund I was promised never came, when I inquire about it, they tell me that digital goods are not eligible for a refund - even though MS had already promised me a refund. OR they tell me I cannot get a refund for something I have already played. Now they tell me it's been longer than 30 days and the item is no longer eligible for a refund. When I remind them that I was already promised a refund and provide them with the case number from that email, they ignore it and deflect the conversation.


Now I cannot reach an agent via telephone, they hang up on me or transfer me to another department which then hangs up on me.

When I file a ticket it is closed with a scripted denial response - they do not even bother to read my tickets.

Microsoft agents all have refused to help resolve this matter, with a smile of course.


I tried again just now to call MS support and guess what - if I call from my landline, it recognizes me and automatically squawks a different response telling me to log into the internet and file a support ticket online - not even allowing me to speak to another human being, and then hangs up on me. A Microsoft robot is ghosting me, go figure.





I posted this on the Microsoft community forums, let's see what happens!







(remember when we boycotted Nexon?)

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