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Help Topic: Community Guideleines

These rules, terms of use, site policy, and all other policies and rules may change at any time. Unless otherwise specified, any change to policy will not apply retroactively. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, it's common sense folks, violate policy and your account will be warned accordingly.
Posts must be made in English.

This is a community group and all we ask is that you treat other people with respect and use common sense. Spamming, flaming, trolling and general misconduct is unacceptable in most contexts. Any behavior which is corrosive to the participation of others, or creates a hostile environment, could result in a suspension or permanent ban at the discretion of administrators. This includes but is not limited to our website, TeamSpeak services, game servers, and in-game.

Disallowed Content
  • Pornography is disallowed in any context and/or media format, posting porn in any form will result in an immediate suspension of your account. No pictures that suggest or imply sexual readiness. This includes all mediums, whether it is a real image or drawn artwork or other type of image. We do allow artistic nudity however you must use common sense. For example, we do not allow the posting of pornstars not having sex as an artistic medium. Administrator discretion applies.
  • No links, domain names or any other kind of information that leads people to pornographic material will be tolerated
  • Sexual Solicitation - Asking or suggesting to a member (or members) to participate in any form of sexual activity
Posting of disallowed material will result in 15 warning points and suspension of your account.

We take cheating VERY seriously. Cheating of any kind is not allowed in this community, whether it's in the form of 3rd party software, hardware or software modifications, or abusing in-game exploits that are not intentionally part of the game's design. Also note that intentionally trying to gather false evidence, or creating fake replays for the sole intention of ruining someone's reputation and/or trying to get them banned from this site/clan, tournaments, or leagues, is also considered cheating. Ultimately, the definition of what is classified as cheating is at the discretion of administrators.

Cheating will earn an instant 56 warning points and at minimum a four week suspension from this site/clan for the first offense. Any subsequent instances of cheating in any form will earn a permanent ban, no exceptions.

Any images, text, or links in your profile (including your signature and avatar) must adhere to the rules of content described above. Maximum signature size is 100kb, with dimensions no larger than 500W x 150H pixels. Avatars must be no larger than 50kb and 100 x 100 pixels. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Duplicate emails are not allowed. New accounts must register with a real email address and validate their email before they are allowed to post. and it's administrators reserve the right to ban any member for any reason, or no reason, without notification. We reserve the right to moderate any and all postings from any member without notification.

Warn Levels
We incorporate an automated warning point system ranging from 0 to 100 points. Suspensions and bans are at the discretion of site administration.
Spam - 2 Warning points
Sig/Avatar Violation - 2 Warning points
Flaming - 7 Warning points
Excessive Topic Bumping - 2 Warning points
Pornography - 15 Warning points
Cheat Conviction - 56 Warning points
Full suspensions and posting rights suspension (PRS) durations are automatically applied depending on warning point accumulation however these may be overridden by administration depending on the severity of the infraction. Some infractions are obviously much worse than others and therefore require stricter moderation. The following list is arbitrary and used mostly by administration as a "moderation guide" however we are posting this in public so our members can better understand how our system works.

14 Warning Points - 2 Day Posting Rights Suspension
28 Warning Points - 7 Day Posting Rights Suspension
42 Warning Points - 14 Day Posting Rights Suspension
56 Warning Points - 30 Day Posting Rights Suspension
70 Warning Points - 60 Day Posting Rights Suspension
85 Warning Points - 90 Day Full Account Suspension
100 Warning Points - Ban from this website, the clan, our Teamspeak servers, our game servers, and all other media related to Brothers of War. NO exceptions.

How to decrease your warn level
Warning points decrease automatically 30 days after each warning is issued with exception for cheat convictions which remain permanently on record and do not decrease.