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Master Teal'c


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 12:10 PM

We take cheating VERY seriously. Cheating of any kind is not allowed in this community, whether it's in the form of 3rd party software, hardware or software modifications, or abusing in-game exploits that are not intentionally part of the game's design. Also note that intentionally trying to gather false evidence, or creating fake replays for the sole intention of ruining someone's reputation and/or trying to get them banned from this site/clan, tournaments, or leagues, is also considered cheating. Ultimately, the definition of what is classified as cheating is at the discretion of administrators.

Please be diligent and respectful and above all else please be civilized and state only facts in this forum.


What to post:

Make sure you have the proper evidence before submitting an accusation. It all depends on the type of evidence that is required but it goes without saying that screenshots are a must and video may be required depending on the game. If the game supports the saving of replays then the replay file is necessary, without the replay your accusation could be closed for insufficient evidence.

What NOT to post:

Do not post replays or videos which show other users how to perform a glitch or explain how to abuse an exploit. We do not want to spread this information across the net any further than it is already. Create the accusation topic, provide as much information as you can, then contact myself or any other admin via PM and send the remaining evidence to us in private. Please state in your topic who you sent the evidence to.

Tips for submitting and reviewing:

When making an accusation, please provide as much information as possible to aid us in the resolution of your case. Take the time to examine the suspect situation and look at it from all angles, try to figure out yourself if it was possible without cheating. Remember that no matter how awesome you may be at gaming, there is always someone out there who is better, this does not necessarily mean that they cheat.

In games that have the ability to save or record replays, such as Zero Hour, watch the rep a few times, try to see it from their point of view, there could easily have been a unit or situation you were unaware of when playing the game that would explain everything from a fair play point of view. Recreate the situation in skirmish, check fog of war coverage, unit view, general points, scans, radar vans, etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

We will review each case and tag the topic appropriately once a verdict is given. Those who are convicted of cheating will be added to that games Hall of Shame. Convictions may also be reported to third parties, including but not limited to: clan leaders/admins, Gamereplays, game developers, Gamespy, and/or other such reporting locations. This could mean ban from online play.

If the convicted is a member of this site, first time convictions earn a 30% warn level increase and a four week suspension from this site/clan for the first offense. Any subsequent convictions will earn a permanent ban without exception.

[Convicted] = A guilty verdict was issued and the player reported

[IE] = Insufficient Evidence for a conviction, but the player is under suspicion

[Clean] = An innocent verdict was issued and the player is clean



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