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Get StarCraft II Starter Edition for FREE!

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Posted 21 February 2014 - 12:04 PM


Play StarCraft II with some multiplayer maps as Terran, some challenges & custom maps and 4 missions for FREE!

Make sure you set your location before downloading, by default it's set to USA!

  • Replay watching at any version
  • First 3 missions at Mar Sara
  • 4th mission: Tychus Findlay or doctor Hanson
  • Some challenges
  • 4 multiplayer maps:
    • Xel'Naga Caverns
    • Discord IV
    • High Orbit
    • The Shattered Temple
  • Some custom maps
  • Playable race - Terrans
  • Map editor
  • ANY region available. Just register you account and download client (small message under button about client lanuage is allowed)
  • Ranked games
  • 99% of custom maps
  • All other melee maps, that are not marked by blue star
  • Map publishing
  • Chat channels
  • Protoss and Zerg
QUOTE Q. What is the StarCraft II Starter Edition?

A. The StarCraft II Starter Edition is a new, free version of StarCraft II that gives anyone with a account and an Internet connection a chance to try a wide array of single-player and multiplayer content in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Unlike our past trial versions of StarCraft II, the Starter Edition does not have any time restrictions and offers a wider range of content to players.

Q. What's included in the StarCraft II Starter Edition?

A. The Starter Edition gives players access to the first three campaign missions on Mar Sara, and then gives the player the ability to choose a fourth mission -- either the first mission offered by Dr. Hanson or the first mission offered by Tychus Findlay in the campaign. Players will also get access to a pair of Challenge Missions, a selection of multiplayer maps, and a custom-game map. The multiplayer and custom game maps available may be cycled from time to time.

In addition, Starter Edition players can earn achievements within the available content; can view profile, ladder, and achievements pages; and can access many functions of the map editor.

Q. How do I get the StarCraft II Starter Edition?

A. If you don't yet have a account, head to to get started. The site will walk you through the process of creating a account and downloading the game client.

If you already have a account, you can simply download the full game client and start playing as soon as it's downloaded! A StarCraft II: Starter Edition license will automatically be added to your account once you log into the game.

Q. What are the restrictions of StarCraft II: Starter Edition?

A. Starter Edition players can only play up to the fourth campaign mission, and most Challenge Missions are unavailable. Starter Edition players are also unable to use versus and co-op matchmaking, most custom maps, chat channels, and the party system. Publishing custom maps to is also restricted, and offline play is unavailable to Starter Edition players. For single-player and custom games, Starter Edition players may only choose the Terran race.

Q. Which maps are available?

A. Currently, Starter Edition players have access to Xel'Naga Caverns, Shattered Temple, Discord IV, and High Orbit. StarJeweled will also be made available soon to Starter Edition players. It is possible that different maps will be cycled in and out of the available map list for Starter Edition players from time to time.

Q. How do I create a multiplayer match?

A. Multiplayer matches are available through the custom game interface. Click Multiplayer at the top left, and then create or join a custom game. Available maps will be shown at the top of the list. Starter Edition players are restricted to Terran-only for custom games.

Q. Can I play a match with other players who have the full game? Can I create a match with a friend?

A. StarCraft II players with a full game license can join a custom game on the trial maps to play with Starter Edition players. Please note that the party system is unavailable to Starter Edition players, so matchmaking will be random and it will not be possible to select specific players to play a match with.

Q. Can I watch replays using the Starter Edition?

A. Yes! Starter Edition players can watch any replay.

Q. Can I create and publish maps using the Starter Edition?

A. Many map editor functions are available to Starter Edition players. However, the full version of the game is required to use the Test Map function and to publish maps to


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