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Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor

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#1 Locutus


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Posted 28 April 2015 - 11:48 AM




Unleashed from his sanctuary on Yavin 4, the former Sith Emperor has now struck the Imperial world of Ziost. Using his immense power in the dark side of the Force™, he has dominated the minds of the planet’s Imperial troops--as well as an elite cadre of militaristic Jedi--and has set them against the populace, engaging in a bloody slaughter. Join with allies Lana Beniko and Theron Shan to stop the Emperor’s terrifying assault in Game Update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor!

NOTE: A Level Cap of 60, which is included with the purchase of the latest story expansion,
Shadow of Revan, is required to access the new storyline and the planet of Ziost in Game Update 3.2. Lead the battle against Revan, one of the galaxy’s most powerful characters and experience five new levels of story-driven Star Wars™ adventure.




The scores of dead have nourished me. I am awakened. And I bring with me--death!” – Sith Emperor

Obsessed with achieving immortality, the Sith Emperor has targeted his own former subjects on the planet Ziost, with every death seemingly extending his dark power. Speaking through those he’s possessed, he controls powerful pawns like Master Surro, the leader of a team of elite
militarized Jedi known as the Sixth Line.




As the Sith Emperor gradually dominates the free will of everyone on Ziost, both Lana Beniko, Minister of the newly formed Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic, are trying to stop the chaos. Your leadership in guiding them through the conflict on Ziost is critical to uncovering the former Sith Emperor’s terrifying plan.




Known as the “Gateway to the Empire,” the planet Ziost is in a state of chaos as innocent civilians are targeted by possessed pawns of the Sith Emperor. From the menacing “People’s Tower” in the city’s center to massive armored walkers patrolling for fresh targets, the Sith Emperor’s presence is overwhelming, his power growing with every death… Only you have the strength to stand against him.



Patch Notes


Major Features:

  • Ziost
  • Outfit Designer
  • New Travel options
  • Class Quality of Life and Utility Improvements
  • Other Quality of Life Improvements
ZiostOutfit Designer
  • Each slot can fit a selection of outfits but your base gear stays the same.
  • Max of 16 slots, that are unlockable. First slot is free and the next 9 are fairly cheap.
  • Armor weight restrictions removed from the designer, but not from base gear.
  • Cannot switch base gear using this: it just switches the look of gear.
  • Screenshot (ignore cost):
  • Dulfy's Guide - Hyperspace Beacon's Guide
New Travel options
  • All speeder points will be unlocked: no need to unlock them
  • Cooldown for Quick Travel reduced to 6 mins base for subs, 26 mins base for F2P. Legacy Perks can make it have a 0 second cooldown.
  • Quick travel points will automatically unlock once you get close to them. You will still need to travel within range of them.
  • Almost all speeders are now adaptive, including those you buy from vendors or win as loot.
    • Kurtob Alliance speeder (referral speeder) will remain unchanged: it will keep 110% speed at Speeder Piloting 1.
  • Priority Transport Unlocks now have no cooldown except for the Priority Transport: Personal Starship
    • Priority Transport: Personal Starship has a 6 minute cooldown. Legacy Perks can make this a 0 second cooldown.
  • Emergency Fleet Pass cooldown reduced to 90 min base for subs; 180 min base for F2P. Legacy Perks lower this by an additional 90 mins total.
Class Quality of Life and Utility Improvements
  • Developers are focusing on making certain Disciplines less of a hassle to use and improving utility. No DPS, HPS, or defensive changes this update.
  • Some examples:
    • Combining stacks of certain buffs
    • Removal of Tactical Advantage / Upper Hand requirement for a certain Operative / Scoundrel conal AOE
    • More slows and roots for certain Smuggler / Imperial Agent Disciplines
    • Decreased energy costs
    • Changes to rarely used Utility skills
  • Full class changes here:
More Quality of Life Improvements
  • Companion Gifts are easier to search on the GTN
  • Planetary Vendors are now labeled with what level of gear they sell and have much cheaper prices.
  • Class Missions now reward many more Basic Commendations
  • Group Finder and Operation Rewards increased
  • Group Finder Operations are now 8 man Operations and include level 55 Operations at level 60.
  • New Warzone Commendation Decorations:
    • Frogdog Banner
    • Rotworm Banner
    • Frogdog Wall Logo
    • Rotworm Wall Logo
    • Makeb Canopy
    • Makebian Skybulb
    • Quesh Huttball Pit Chandelier
    • Voidstar Bomb
    • Ancient Hypergate Energy Orb Stand
  • Ranked PvP Season 4 ends and Season 5 starts
  • CZ-198 Weekly no longer requires the Flashpoints, but rather requires a new HEROIC 2+ mission.
  • Many of the level 60 Operation fights were balanced so that melee have an easier time doing them.



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#2 Master Teal'c

Master Teal'c


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Posted 30 April 2015 - 01:42 AM

Hey folks,

I have seen some questions and theories around what will happen with Ziost on Monday. I thought I would pop in and let you know (spoiler free!) what to expect. At 8AM PDT on Monday, May the 4th, is when the conclusion of Game Update 3.2 will become available. What you will get access to at that point is:
  • The ending cinematics for the Rise of the Emperor storyline from Game Update 3.2
  • A new area of Ziost
  • New daily quests
  • A new Lair Boss
  • A new World Boss

That should give a good idea of exactly what to expect on Monday morning. See you all on Ziost!


Just an FYI:


Hey folks,

As I mentioned earlier this morning, we very quickly isolated what the exploit entailed and began an investigation into players who have participated. As of now, we have identified those unique accounts which have gone into the blocked off area of Ziost, and killed one of the two bosses present. For each of these players, they will receive a minimum of the following action:
  • Multiple day suspension
  • Removal of all gear earned through defeating those bosses
  • Removal of all achievements earned through defeating those bosses
  • Reduction in Elite and Ultimate Commendations

We will continue to monitor the blocked off area of Ziost throughout Monday, May the 4th, which is when it opens officially. Any player who is found to participate in this exploit beyond today’s notice will likely receive more aggressive action. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention.


#3 Locutus


    Founder & CEO

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Posted 30 April 2015 - 03:02 PM

They ain't playing around when it comes to exploits. :devil:

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"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled" - Dr. Richard Feynman "I prefer a Dangerous Freedom to a Peaceful Slavery" - Thomas Jefferson

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